Non-Profit Affordable Housing

Building Homes & Communities for Families




Gesu is a non-profit organization that provides hard-working, lower income families the opportunity to purchase their own home.



Gesu Housing builds quality, energy efficient, affordable homes to assist families in realizing a safe, secure, stable living experience while strengthening and stabilizing their neighborhoods.We believe homeownership is an important investment that helps individuals gain a sense of pride and accomplishment.



To date, every single Gesu home has sold immediately after going on the market, making Gesu the only nonprofit housing organization in the city with no standing inventory.  The need for our services is great — and we need your help to make sure we can continue to help worthy families within our communities.

We work closely with the City of Omaha Planning Department and other agencies that fund the total cost of each house. We rely on the generosity of our supporters within the community to cover the remaining amount needed to complete each house’s construction.



To qualify for a Gesu home individuals must have good credit and live below the below the 80% median family income guidelines. 



Families who qualify are able to take out a mortgage on a three-bedroom, full-basement house for a monthly payment in the $600-$700 range.



Making a difference in the community.

The homes we build are located in North Omaha. In 2002, Gesu Housing identified  vacant lots in the four block area in the vicinity of 42nd and Grant/Burdette Streets on which to build new houses. We have acquired sites on neighboring streets. Our homes are changing the landscape of areas around Girls Inc and Holy Name neighborhoods.





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